Beeghly Oaks crowns royalty at gala
March 17, 2017


King Richard Agnesi, Princess Esther Woodruff, Prince Jerry DeCerbo and Queen Florence Pezzenti were crowned at the Snow Ball Gala Feb. 22 at Beeghly Oaks Rehabilitation and Healing.

There was more than 100 guests in attendance, and with the assistance of family, friends and staff, many residents formally dressed for the royal occasion.

The residents, families, community and staff all gathered and celebrated the warmth of the Valentine's Day holiday, celebrating love while anticipating the crowned winners.

Disney characters Cinderella (Gina Eliser), Prince Charming (Frank Garcia) and Ariel (Kara Eliser), with an entourage of the community's children princes and princesses, entertained and danced aside the USA Dancers and the 22-piece Girard Community Swing Band.

The guests also enjoyed the Sweetheart Smooch A Pooch Booth, where therapy dogs also celebrated the Boardman community's royal event.

The Beeghly Oaks Center for Rehabilitation and Healing Snow Ball Gala was a true reflection of the Beeghly community held together by the warmth of friendship and love.


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