New program brings out hidden inventor
June 14, 2017


STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and inventions seem to go hand in hand. At AIS this week, those two areas came together for a new program called Camp Invention.

"This is the first year for Camp Invention," said Danielle Chine, Austintown District STEM coach. "It is a two-week program for first through fifth grade Austintown students.

Chine said the program was made possible through funding from the National Inventor's Hall of Fame. The organization likes to promote innovation and creativity in the area of STEM education.

Among some of the first projects for students who joined the camp were learning about inventions and how they bring in money, and how to re-purpose items.

"We studied money management and how inventions like duct tape was built into a million-dollar industry," Chine said.

To go along with the lesson, campers were able to use colorful duct tape to make a money bag, wallet or purse.

While that was taking place in one classroom, other students were tearing things apart. They were actually taking apart old electronic devices and using components to build an alarm system with help from Fitch STEM student volunteers.

The program also had one other big plus going for it, according to Chine.

"We will have free breakfast and lunch through our cafeteria's summer program," Chine said. "Also, busing is provided."

Chine hopes to keep the program going in coming years. She is already working on an application for grant funds for 2018.


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