Holy Family students bring home art awards
April 5, 2018


Many awards were given to Holy Family students at the yearly Diocesan Art Competition held at St. Joseph the Provider. The following schools participated in the event: St. Joseph the Provider, St. Rose, Warren JFK, St. Patrick Kent, Saint Nicholas, and Holy Family. This year, the top two overall awards, were received by Holy Family eighth graders.

Grace Raymer received first Place and Best of Show for her landscape painting. Raymer said, "Art is something I have a passion for. It means a lot to me to have my work recognized because it motivates me to keep creating."

Paige Ogden received second place overall for her colored pencil drawing. Liz Kovalik teaches Art at Holy Family for grades kindergarten through eighth grade. On the achievements of all her students, she said, "My students are so talented. I am so proud of their achievements."

The following list is of all the awards won by Holy Family students:

Mixed Media, grades three through five: Maya Jacobs, third place.

Printmaking, grades three through five: Ian Wallace, first place; Julia Diorio; second place, and Brady Desmond, third place.

Textile, grades six through eight: Helen Faur,first place; Jillian Zidian, second place; and Logan Hackstedde, third place.

Pastels, grades three through five: Ashley Levak, second place; Gabriella Memo, and third place.

Pastels, grades six through eight: Paige Ogden, first place.

Painting, grades three through five: Gabriella Memo, first place; Mia Schicken, third place.

Painting, grades six through eight: Grace Raymer, first place; Grace Raymer, third place.

Pencil Drawing, grades three through five: Karina Collins, first place.

Pencil Drawing, grades six through eight: Jillian Zidian, second place.

Colored Pencil Drawing, grades six through eight: Paige Ogden, first place.

Crayon/Marker Drawing, grades six through eight: Jillian Zidian, first place.

Graphic Design, grades three through five: Heath Nickell, first place; Aidan Stamp/Isabella Ellinos, third place.

Graphic Design, grades six through eight: Tyler Hayes, first place; Patrick Dambrogio, and second place.Photography-(grades 6-8): first Place-Grace Raymer, and third place-Joseph Carosella.

Jewelry, grades three through five: Sophia Dibo, first place; Marcos Mateo, second place; Kaylee Balogh, third place.

Sculptures, grades three through five: Ava Sellers, second place; Hannah LaPlante, third place.

Sculptures, grades six through eight: Jack Desmond, second place; David Vuksanovich, third place.


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