Canfield Library adds two “Veterans Parking” spaces
August 1, 2018


On Wednesday (July 25) two new "Veterans Parking Only" signs were officially dedicated at the Canfield branch of the Public Library. The two parking spots take the number of Veterans Only spots in the city to 26.

Attending the dedication was Public Library Director Aimee Fifarek, who was very pleased with the program.

"My dad was a World War II veteran, so I am personally very proud to have this," she said. "This is the first such designated parking spots in our system. We hope that making the parking spots available will encourage our community's veterans to visit their library more often."

Chairman Frank Micchia has been heading up the program to get the spots placed around the city. He asks for a small donation to cover the cost of the sign, but will also work with businesses who are financially strapped, but still want to add the spot. Applications for the signs are available at Post 177's web site at

Micchia said the "Veterans Parking Only" spaces are a voluntary parking spot. He said there is no state or local law against parking in the spot and there are no fines in place either.

"It is simply a voluntary way for motorists to honor our veterans," Micchia said. "They don't have to do if because of a law. They just do it as a way of saying thanks to the veterans."

The Canfield American Legion Post 177 kicked off a "Veterans Only" Parking sign campaign during an official ceremony hosted by the City of Canfield on Memorial Day. The American Legion noted that this public service campaign is aimed at highlighting the Legion's values of patriotism, a strong national security, and support for all veterans.

"Veterans are the backbone of our country," said Michael Kubitza, Commander of the Canfield American Legion Post 177. "We wanted to show all veterans recognition and appreciation with this parking sign campaign. We believe our work makes a difference and we want to invite the public to join us."


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