Hunter signs with West Point
November 28, 2018


On Nov. 20, the Fitch girls basketball team, a group of Austintown veterans and a host of staff, family, and friends gathered in the Fitch gymnasium to witness Sabria Hunter signing her letter of intent to attend West Point Military Academy after graduation, where she will be continuing her basketball career.

Hunter began playing basketball in the sixth grade. Prior to that she was a soccer player and she never thought she would take to basketball. Take to it she did and over her seven-year career, she excelled at the sport and is on track to break numerous records at Fitch this season.

Along with a 3.8 GPA, Hunter is a standout student who excels on the court and in the classroom. She racked up over a dozen Division 1 scholarship offers, but when it came down to it, she chose the best fit for her own life.

"Aside from sports and academics, I wanted to go somewhere that would strengthen me as a person," she said. "And I wanted to give back and serve my country."

That pleased her parents Robert and Christina Hunter. Robert said, "I am really proud. West Point is so much more than just basketball."

At Fitch senior counselor Maribeth McGlynn said Hunter is a dual enrollment student. That means she is taking classes at Fitch and at YSU as well.

"She has excellent grades and a great work ethic," McGlynn said. "She has what it takes. Believe me when I say West Point is not that easy to get into. It is a ton of paperwork, almost daily."

Also attending the signing ceremony were Senator Joe Schiavoni and Congressman Tim Ryan. It was Ryan who stepped up to sponsor Hunter for West Point.

"We are really proud of her. She is very impressive," Ryan said. "She is the best and the brightest."

Hunter had her moment in the spotlight last Tuesday, but she knows the time to focus on the now is here. The girls' basketball team opened their regular season last night (Nov. 28) against Perry High School (Massillon).

"I am hoping to carry the team as far into the playoffs as possible," she said.

Hunter said the girls' team have been together since the seventh grade. She said they are truly a family and they have chemistry on the court. She said that is the importance of team work.


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