Holy Family hosts JA in a Day
April 17, 2019


Holy Family School has offered Junior Achievement, in correlation with Junior Achievement of Mahoning Valley, in its classrooms for the past six years. The Junior Achievement program is divided into two separate programs at Holy Family. Students in grades kindergarten through five participate in Junior Achievement in individual classrooms for five weeks. For these five weeks, parent volunteers come into the classroom to discuss grade appropriate financial literacy lessons. Students in grades six through eight participate in a day long event called, "JA in a Day." Volunteers present a day long program where they teach students how to prepare for the real world in terms of business, entrepreneurship, and how to manage their money today and in the future. Nicole Fond is the Program Manager for Junior Achievement. She helps to train the volunteers and coordinates the "JA in a Day." Nicole said, "We are thankful for our volunteers who give their time to our students, and we cannot fulfill our mission without them. Through our hands-on lessons, Junior Achievement volunteers are able to share their personal experiences, helping to inspire and prepare students for their futures."

Debra Loboy volunteered to teach Mrs. Seifert's first grade class. This was her first year teaching Junior Achievement, and she loved the experience.

"I truly enjoyed the experience of teaching this group of first graders," Loboy said. "The children were willing to learn, excited to participated and looked forward to my visits. The Junior Achievement program is a great way to introduce real life economies at a level that is easy and fun for all."

This year, the seventh grade volunteer was Tracie Balentine. Balentine is the owner of Raising Potential Consulting. Tracie spent both the morning and the afternoon with the seventh grade class.

"I'm so proud to share Junior Achievement programs with our kids--so much great information I wish I knew at their age," Balentine said. "Holy Family is a great school--the students are so eager and engaged! Some of my kids even remembered me from the prior year!"


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