Boardman girl raises funds to help the animals
April 24, 2019


Brynna Jones, 8, of Boardman is in her third year of helping Angels for Animals by hosting a fundraiser she calls "Pastries for Pets." She averages $1,000 per year after having a humble beginning closer to home.

"She started at age four," said her father Dustin Jones. "She began by putting an envelope on her bedroom door asking for donations."

Unfortunately, the traffic in her hallway wasn't heavy, but she did manage to collect a couple of dollars.

Brynna was so serious about helping Angels for Animals that her parents Dustin and Lindsay recommended have a bake sale. They helped her set it up at their business, Fred Astaire Dance Studio, and Brynna staffed the table.

"Her original goal was to raise $200 to purchase a square foot of the new wing," Dustin said. "At the end of that first sale, she ended up with $1,000."

Last year was a repeat with another $1,000 brought in by students at the dance studio and a promotion from Angels for Animals. This year Brynna is expecting to bring in $1,000 or more.

After the event this past Friday, Brynna will prepare the donation and deliver it to Angels for Animals. When she is there, she said she will get to have a little fun.

"They let me play with the kitties," she said.

Bryna, who attends the second grade at West Boulevard Elementary School, loves animals. Her family presently has two dogs and a cat that is a rescued animal. With her love for cats, Brynna continues her mission each year.

"This whole thing was her idea," Dustin said. "Every single year her heart grows stronger when it comes to doing something for a good cause."


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