Volunteers plant 100 trees at Township Park
April 24, 2019


On Monday (April 22) a small group of volunteers showed up at Poland Township Park to plant 100 Austrian Pine Trees. It was part of the Earth Day celebration and a way to add some beauty to the park's new Cross Country trail.

"This was a great opportunity for youth groups to become involved with a community project," said Laurie Fox, a member of the park's advisory board.

Board Chairman Ken Filicky was on hand to oversee the planting. He said the trees selected were the best choice for the northeast section of the park where the new Cross Country Track was built.

"Austrian Pines are typically used for porous soil conditions," he said. "They tolerate dry periods and moist soils."

The trees will serve as a block to the gas well that is not far from the track. The trees will fill in and give a nice backdrop for runners.

Assisting with the planting was Poland Cross Country Coach Kim Grisdale, who is excited to be holding the first big meet for the Sub urban League this fall on Sept. 10. The new course is the only course in the area that a spectator can view the entire course. Filicky and Grisdale would love to see a way to install binoculars on the hill for people to keep track of race participants.

Assisting with Monday's planting project was park volunteer Philip Hockensmith. He loves the park and had completed a board walk along one of the trails as part of his Eagle Scout requirements. He was issued his Eagle award at a court of honor two weeks prior to the Earth Day event.

Fox said the park has a lot to offer. She said right now the daffodils are reaching their peak blooming season this week, and they are adding a lot of color to the park.


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