Lazaro signs with Hocking College
June 5, 2019


Fitch basketball standout Jada Lazaro signed her letter of intent to continue her basketball career at Hocking College in Columbus after graduation. It will continue a long road of being the best a person can be.

Lazaro started her basketball career at age 11 when she began playing for a YMCA team. She continued at AMS and slid right into high school ball at Fitch.

"I have coached her the past three years," said Fitch head coach Dan Schnurrenberger. "She is a great team player and athlete for us."

He said she is a three-year starter who was always willing to put in the extra work to be the best she could be. She constantly was putting in extra practice time in the gym and the coach said, "Her hard work has paid off."

Lazaro said she will major in applied and sports management while at Hocking. Her goal is to spend two years there, then go after a four-year degree. While she liked what the college had to offer, she did say there are things she will miss when it comes to her Falcon family.

"I will miss the love and support of my Falcon family, coaches and teammates," she said. "They always believed and trusted in me."


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