Austintown native receives Exceptional Civil Service Award
March 18, 2020


Agnes Serenko, daughter of Tom and Ann Serenko of Austintown, was recently issued the highest level career medaled award, the Exceptional Civilian Service Award, ESCA, for her work on the F-35 Fighter Jet. Serenko is a 1988 graduate of Austintown Fitch, who after graduation went on to earn her Bachelors of Science in Industrial Engineering from The Ohio State University (1993) and a Masters in Business Administration from Franklin University (2005).

The award covered her work as a program manager and team leader with the Diminishing Manufacturing Sources Team involved with the newest F-35 Lightning II Joint Program Office from October of 2013 through July of last year.

The citation she received read, "Ms. Serenko 's expertise and consistently high level of performance resolving critical DMS issues has contributed greatly to the successful accomplishment of the F-35 mission. She worked tirelessly to address and resolve Diminishing Manufacturing Source issues to ensure seamless integration into the F-35 Production, Sustainment, and Development Programs. She flawlessly executed 300 separate bridge buy cases in excess of $900 million and another 80 redesign efforts worth over $800 million. Ms. Serenko conducted a bill of material analyses to enable early identification of DMS issues, prepared forecasts of potential parts shortages based on contractor trends, and oversaw the prime contractor's assessment of form, fit and function interchangeable parts qualification, preventing potential parts shortage issues. Her numerous accomplishments had a significant impact on the largest program in the Department of Defense positively affecting national security. The distinctive accomplishments of Ms. Agnes E. Serenko reflect great credit upon herself and the Department of Defense."

The official citation, or award, was issued to her by Col. Shawn Morgenstern, USAF, and it was signed by Ellen Lord, the Director of Acquisition Technology and Logistics for the Department of Defense.

At the time of her award, Serenko was working for the U.S. Navy as a program manager. She has since moved over to the U.S. Air Force and maintains the same job title.

Serenko said she loves her work and it has taken to places she never dreamed of.

"I get immense satisfaction in working with leading edge technology and industry," she said. "I've circled the globe at least seven times over and get to visit places I'd never thought of."

As for what she would say to Fitch seniors in looking at career paths like hers, she commented, "Be prepared to have an agile career and stay flexible."


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