City Council approves real estate sign ordinance
March 25, 2020


Canfield City Council approved amending Codified Ordinance Sections 1183.03 (C)(4) involving real estate signage at the March 18 regular meeting. The newly approved section allows the city to better regulate the signs and how long one can remain on a property.

"Some signs were staying up way too long after the property has sold," said City Manager Wade Calhoun.

The ordinance does not allow real estate signs to be illuminated, can only have two sign faces not exceeding four square feet per sign face on a parcel of land for sale, and will have to meet placement location guidelines.

Real estate signs are not permitted on utility poles or trees, and must be located behind existing sidewalks, or 15 feet from the paved portion of the road right of way.

The newest addition to the ordinance will be item number five which reads, "Real estate signs shall only be permitted during the duration that the subject property is actively listed for sale with a real estate agent or actively offered for sale by the owner."

"This gives us the ability to ask for sold signs to be removed," Calhoun said.

As to the COVID-19 outbreak and the city, Calhoun said appropriate steps are being taken to protect city staff members and residents as well.

The city building has limited access. All documents including income tax forms can be dumped off at the police department lobby drop box.

"We are encouraging everyone to use email or call," Calhoun said.

He added that Police Department dispatchers now have extra questions to be asked when an EMS call comes in. That will help First Responders to take appropriate precautions.

One final area being investigated would involve virtual environments for conducting public meetings. There will be more on that later.


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