School Board holds tech-based meeting
April 1, 2020


On March 27, the Austintown Board of Education held a tech-based meeting with Superintendent David Cappuzzello, Board President Don Sherwood and Treasurer Blaise Karlovic maintaining the six-foot distance at a conference table, and board members Kathy Mock, Harold Porter, Robin Krempasky and Kim Shrek checking in by remote access.

Cappuzzello said the teachers and the tech people are doing a great job. He added that information is flowing daily and the board is keeping up on it.

"We know better what we are in for now," he said, "with the governor and the president coming on every day. We're getting emails a lot from the county Board of Health and the county superintendent as well. We're taking in all the information coming our way and we are hanging on."

Board member Harold Porter and the other board members also thanked all the staff and the tech department for everything they are doing with students working from home and the meeting getting out to the public.

"I thank Tom Ventresco (director of technology) and Gina Cardillo (ACTV general manager) for making this meeting happen today and for showing off our technology," Porter said.

While the meeting only lasted less than 11 minutes, the board did get some business done. The following was unanimously approved at the tech-based meeting:

The board approved a resolution to acknowledge the Ohio Attorney General's open public meeting requirements while taking into consideration the Ohio Department of Health's statutory emergency authority over all matters relating to the preservation of Life and health of the people.

The board accepted a correction of a $295 from Greg Greenwood for the Purple Star Room at Fitch, and a $100 donation from the Austintown Junior Women's League for the Purple Star Room at Fitch.

Scholarship guidelines and intent were approved for the $500 annual Denamen Family scholarship available for a graduating senior in Austintown Local School District, and the Robert and Doris Bishop $500 annual Memorial Scholarship for a graduate and resident of Austintown Local School District.

Approval was given to the proposal of the Lencyk Masonary Company for the Austintown School District's softball practice field dugouts located at 800 South Raccoon Road in the amount of $61,875.

The board set the April regular meeting for Thursday, April 30 with a work session at 4 p.m. and the board meeting at 6 p.m.


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