Brakes pumped on School District strategic Plan
April 1, 2020


On March 12, Melanie Angiuli, Gina Hammerton, Jill Jones, Lynda Beichner, and Amy Radinovic met at Boardman High School to discuss their segment of the Boardman School District's Strategic Plan. The group, dealing with the communications segment of the plan, observed the six-foot distancing rule as they continued to do their part in bringing the plan together.

"I know the other groups had similar meetings set up a few days after ours, but canceled as all this (stay at home orders) started unfolding and we went into emergency prep mode," said Radinovic.

The Strategic Plan to set a path for the school district in the coming five to ten years started last year. Towards the end of the year, volunteers of the management team began holding small group meetings to gain input for what the community and residents saw for the future of the district.

Last month, the management team was to break down into smaller groups to deal with specific segments of the plan. Radinovic's group was dealing with the communications part and how to better engage the community.

While the other groups never made their individual meetings, Boardman Superintendent Timothy Saxton said things are on hold.

"For now, we are placing a 'pause' in these meetings until we know more about the future of our school closings," he said.

Saxton noted the plan was scheduled for implementation for next school year.

"I believe the pandemic will most likely not delay the implementation," he said. "However, the impact of the coronavirus on state budgets, fiscal planning, resources, etc. may change how the action plans look as compared to before the event."

He went on to say, "Once we have a better idea of the Governor's long term plan for this school year, I believe we could start things back up and hold virtual meetings using the same technology our teachers use for instruction."


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